Review: The Wild Food Cafe Covent Garden

Review: The Wild Food Cafe Covent Gardenfeatured

Today we went for lunch in The Wild Food Cafe in Covent Garden. A lot of people I work with are vegetarian and gluten intolerant so I managed to make my suggestion look altruistic when it was actually because I wanted to review it here.

In a nutshell, the food is really good. For the most part, it’s paleo, gluten free, vegan, organic, sugar free and just very, very clean.┬áIt was nice to go out for lunch with a hangover, order loads and have zero guilt about it. I would have enjoyed a more generous portion but it was enough to leave me satiated.

I had the burger (olives and mushrooms elegantly smooshed together) which was on this incredible seedy grain free bread stuff. It was topped with the best babgonoush (spl?!) I’ve ever had and big hunks of sweet potato wedges.

I followed up with sweet potato brownie which was, unlike the mains, over generous and perhaps the richest, densest, stickiest brownie in London. It was either raw or very moist and about the size of a house brick. I ate it over two hours ago and I still feel sick. Good sick, course.

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Incredible green juice: apple, celery, cucumber, kale, nettle, dates, avocado, banana, lime.

We arrived early for lunch, about 12pm, and about 15 minutes later it was incredibly busy and I imagine it would be more so at the weekend, so try to avoid prime times to get a table.

If you’re in to vegetables cooked in exciting ways, then this place is an absolute must.

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About 6 months ago I read an article that said pesticide residue left on fruit and veg may be harmful to men's fertility. Despite occasional confusion; I am not actually a man, though this still scared me in to trying to eat a little cleaner and, as the natural vitality of my early 20s continues to ebb away I am trying to discover new foods, different styles of cooking and drinking enough smoothies to sink the Titanic. This is my place to share these endeavours.

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