superfood. organic. chocolate. I’m in.

superfood. organic. chocolate. I’m in.featured

I got an email a couple of days ago about Doisy & Dam, a new range of award winning organic chocolate bars that are currently launching nationwide and immediately got excited. They believe that you don’t have to sacrifice on taste for nutrition and good quality in ingredients go a long way.

After years of rejecting healthier dark chocolate and eating sugary, milky deliciousness daily (I used to carry emergency chocolate in my handbag) my tastebuds are finally starting to appreciate the bitter sweetness of dark choc0late.

With flavours including including Coconut & Lucuma; Goji & Orange; Vanilla and Cacao Nibs (YES) I will absolutely be looking out for these bards when they hit the shops; handcrafted in Norfolk, and hand-smashed in to my mouth.

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About 6 months ago I read an article that said pesticide residue left on fruit and veg may be harmful to men's fertility. Despite occasional confusion; I am not actually a man, though this still scared me in to trying to eat a little cleaner and, as the natural vitality of my early 20s continues to ebb away I am trying to discover new foods, different styles of cooking and drinking enough smoothies to sink the Titanic. This is my place to share these endeavours.

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